Canadians Helping Kids in Vietnam Incorporated is a nationally and provincially registered charity in Canada, working to enhance the future for children in Vietnam. We formed the organization with three basic goals in mind:

  1. To find Canadians to sponsor needy families in Vietnam by providing monthly support to each family.
  2. To raise funds to build schools and to provide some school supplies and bicycles for disadvantaged children.
  3. To provide improved medical and dental care, supplies and equipment through fundraising in Canada, corporate and private sponsorships and the provision of medical and dental mission team.

The organization was registered with the Government of Manitoba on November 27, 1995, Corporation # 2412067. We are also registered with the Government of Canada as a charity and issue receipts for tax-deductible donations. Our current board of directors has people from different walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and ages.

As well, our Directors have visited Vietnam touring hospitals, serving on medical and dental missions, overseeing the opening of schools, and more.

We have worked primarily in central Vietnam and since 2011 have expanded to projects in the north and south.

We are very proud of our efforts since 1995. We are a small organization that transfers all of its monies to our projects and sponsored families in Vietnam. We want to continue to respond to identified needs and hope that we can receive your support.

Most sincerely,

Chau Pham & Christian La Riviere
Co-Chairs, CHKV